AQM:  Powerful appraisal quality control system

After the new compliance mandates and increasing investor requirements, appraisal QC is more important than ever.

The AQM system is a hub for all your appraisal QC and services.  It documents your entire QC process,  provides an easy workflow system to quickly process the required due diligence on all appraisal reports, and even deploys a powerful vendor communication platform to accelerate your revision cycles.

QC a variety of forms

We've just released new tools in AQM so you can run more types of valuation products through your QC system.  Now, use AQM with: 

  • 1004 URAR
  • 1073 and 1075 Condo Reports

Benefits of AQM:

  • Ensures comprehensive, consistent quality control for appraisals across all business channels
  • Empowers you with thousands of automated QC rules, plus you can access third party QC tools and even add your own rules
  • Creates an automatic audit trail to prove your compliance with regulations and investor guidelines
  • Generates an AQI score and report, so you can effectively triage reports to the appropriate underwriters and highlight the critical issues for their consideration
  • Provides an easy workflow dashboard that guides your staff through a compliant QC process, including an integrated platform to collaborate directly with the appraiser
  • Accelerates revision cycles with easier, faster vendor communications
  • Eliminates redundant work, unnecessary extra products, and additional expenses
  • Reduces expenses, without locking you into any contracts or commitments

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