Feature updates

We constantly release new features suggested by our customers.  Here, you'll find the details for every feature release announcement for Mercury Network since July of 2010.

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April 20, 2017
With this update, OptiVal AVM cascade and RealCondition Report can now be ordered directly within Mercury. Plus, there's a new Find tool in the fee panel, and several other enhancements.
Release notes

March 28, 2017
This update allows vendors to add a checking account to pay transaction fees, plus add a second payment method then set a primary and a backup.
Release notes

March 7, 2017
This update lets you see when another team member has an order open, plus new status-sharing options for VMP XSite users.
Release notes

February 21, 2017
This update lets you view vendors who were considered eligible for automatic assignment, plus you can now contact eligible fee panel vendors before assigning an order.
Release notes

February 7, 2017
This update gives you several new account security options, including the ability to require strong passwords and regular password updates.
Release notes

January 23, 2017
This update gives users control over vendor capacity and prioritization, and allows vendors more control over who assigns orders to them.
Release notes

December 19, 2016
This update lets you automatically submit a report to select Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) modules based on its loan and form types, as well as its Fannie Mae™ Collateral Underwriter® (CU) score.
Release notes

December 3, 2016
This update allows you to assign orders to AMCs, appraisal firms and appraisers side by side. 
Release notes

November 3, 2016
This update adds a new document type for lease orders, improved bid reminders, and better automatic assignment for VMP XSite orders.
Release notes

October 20, 2016
OptiVal AVM Cascade now available within Mercury Network, plus several customer-requested product enhancements.
Release notes

September 20, 2016
New document review tools help you ensure your vendors' documents are up to your standards.
Release notes

September 6, 2016
New options to keep your clients in the loop on their order status, place orders directly to inspectors, new vendor fee options for newly-reassigned orders, and more.
Release notes

August 18, 2016
Mark vendors ineligible, auto-submit 1004D appraisals to FHA's EAD portal, new Rush and Complex fees, and more.
Release notes

August 8, 2016
VMP XSites get a new "client admin" feature and the Complete Assignment dialog has some new features to help upload specific file types.
Release notes

July 18, 2016
Fee panel vendors can now see their performance stats, auto-accept your orders, and they'll be notified when logging in if their profile is missing information.
Release notes

June 16, 2016
Lenders and AMCs can now set vendors as eligible or ineligible to receive orders for specific clients or individual orders.  Vendors now receive notifications prior to critical information expiring in their Mercury Network profile.
Release notes

May 19, 2016
This update adds column customization in the order view, as well as visual enhancements in Order Management.
Release notes

May 11, 2016
This update adds separate comments for clients & vendors in VMP XSites, a SureReceipts delivery time delay, public record validation, and a customizable Mercury order form.
Release notes

April 26, 2016
This update changes the way notifications are handled for additional recipients and EVF orders.
Release notes

April 7, 2016
With this update, we added custom Property Characteristics checkboxes to the VMP XSite order form, built EAD submission into the Real EC integration, and automatic vendor agreements are now available.
Release notes

March 22, 2016
Now you can request bids from your vendors for your commercial appraisal assignments, easily compare bids, and automatically notify all parties when you assign the order.
Release notes

March 1, 2016
Reports can now be submitted from Mercury Network directly to FHA via their new Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal.
Release notes

February 8, 2016
Borrower mailing addresses can now be added to orders allowing for quick and easy delivery of appraisal files through postal mail when needed.
Release notes

February 2, 2016 —
New preferences let you automatically deliver the report to the borrower via SureReceipts based on the product type, and automatically submit the report to UCDP based on the loan type.  These new preferences can also be set per Client Group.
Release notes

January 26, 2016 —
The AQM system now automatically verifies revised reports, and you can generate additional AQIs at no charge.  Plus, you have new preferences for your Action Required folder so you'll never miss a lower AQI or CU score.
Release notes

December 17, 2015 —
Lenders can now forward credit card payments directly from the borrower to the AMC.
Release notes

December 10, 2015 —
Enhances the Mercury Network user interface and serves as a foundation to support commercial bidding orders.
Release notes

November 19, 2015 —
Live chat with your client relations team, and EVF lenders can now change payment type after orders are placed
Release notes

November 4, 2015 —
Lenders placing orders with AMCs can now request a fee quote, new EULA and more
Release notes

October 28, 2015 —
Mark orders as paid and share the info with your vendors
Release notes

October 13, 2015 —
QC your condo appraisal reports, plus RealView integration is now available
Release notes

September 30, 2015 —
Updates for order status notifications and an easier payment experience for borrowers
Release notes

September 24, 2015 —
More options to ensure TRID compliance
Release notes

September 24, 2015 —
Converted lender and AMC accounts to utilize our new payment gateway, CyberSource(TM)

August 18, 2015 —
Updated appraiser accounts to utilize our new payment gateway, CyberSource(TM)

July 30, 2015 —
Windows 10 compatibility and Google Chrome support. 
Release notes

July 15, 2015 —
More compliance control and flexibility for TRID and others. 
Release notes

June 30, 2015 —
Enhanced delivery tools, UCDP updates for Freddie Mac messages, and much more.
Release notes

May 28, 2015 —
This update contains improvements throughout Mercury Network and VMP XSites to augment security and PCI compliance.
Release notes

May 4, 2015 —
Your payment history is now available in your Account view. 
Release notes

April 21, 2015 —
A new loan type was added, attach AVM documents to completed orders, order tracking numbers added, and more.
Release notes

April 3, 2015 —
New features, including ability to order the QC module for an existing AQI, subject property city and zip code will now automatically wrap to a second line in the headers of the AQI PDF to improve readability, and much more.
Release notes

March 12, 2015 —
New features, including new orders for selected products will follow new settings when Unattended Order Reassignment options are updated within Order Management and password request in VMP Client portal will send account info to the email address associated with the account.
Release notes

March 5, 2015 —
New features, including e-mail notifications will not be delivered after disabling the Order Assigned to Client notification in Notification Settings.
Release notes

February 26, 2015 —

New features, including the ability to automatically display the vendor's fee on VMP XSite invoices and the ability to manage credit card payment information directly within Mercury Network's Account dashboard. 
Release notes

February 10, 2015 —

New features, including new order management permissions to streamline operations, new automatic assignment/double blind override per order, new products, integration with Platinum Data's RealView, and much more.
Release notes

December 2014 —

New features, including VMP XSites will be updated to use VMPXSites.com rather than AppraiserXSites.com, Mercury Network is now ready to handle recently announced changes from Fannie Mae, new Mercury Network products, and much more.
Release notes

October 20, 2014 —
New features, including the ability to submit all reports to UCDP automatically.
Release notes

September 2, 2014 —
New Features, including SureReceipts Compliance Certificate accompanying every appraisal delivered to the borrower via SureReceipts.
Release notes

July 17, 2014 —
New Features, including "private document upload, IDs for vendors, client report delivery by client directly from VMP XSite.
Release notes

May 1, 2014 —
New Features, including new borrower options for receiving the report, new mapping options, and new notes in VMP XSites.
Release notes

April 1, 2014 —
New Features, including new quality control warnings, a redesign of Appraisal Quality Management (AQM), and new quality assurance options.
Release notes

January 7, 2014 —
New Features, including total control of who pays transaction fees and built-in, worry free compliance with the ECOA Valuations Rule.
Release notes

November 25, 2013 —
New Features, including changes to Double-Blind to allow appraisers to communicate directly with Compliance and the ability to search canned comments
Release notes

September 25, 2013 —
New Features, including filter orders by assigned user, additional products added, and new permissions for adding/managing group orders.
Release notes

August 15, 2013 —
New Features, including the ability to use Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) appraisal QC system outside of Mercury Network and to sync internal notes to your VMP XSite
Release notes


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