Now available:  Mercury Fee Analytics

Get Lender and AMC fees.

Monitoring appraisal fees for compliance with TRID and the CFPB's Customary and Reasonable rule is more important than ever.  Now, Mercury Network publishes a monthly set of analytics from real transactions that includes median and average appraisal fees for every county in the U.S., as well as fees at the state and MSA level.  

Since more than 800 lenders and AMCs use Mercury, you can rest assured you will get solid guidance on current, customary and reasonable fees, without the bias from survey results.

Benefits for you

  • Clear appraisal fee guidance  No more guessing. Mercury’s fee analytics include details on every transaction, including the zip code and appraised value. 
  • Easier path to compliance Set your fees based on what is customary in a market. 
  • Stay on top of market shifts  If appraisal fees are going up or down in a specific area, you’ll know immediately since the data is published monthly.
  • Huge savings  The fee data can be segmented by property value so you can see pricing for simple versus complex assignments.

Anyway you want it

  • Flexible  It’s delivered once a month as an Excel file to up to five email addresses, and you decide if you want lender fees, AMC fees, or both.  Choose to include all properties or only those within a certain value range, the national data or the state level data, and if you want FHA fees included.
  • Delivering the details  Dive as deep as you want into the property details of every observed transaction like Gross Living Area, Subject county, city and zip, number of appraisers covering each county, room counts and appraised value.
  • Fee data analyzed  The subscription includes granular fee data, as well as analysis to help guide your decisions. Click here for a reference of the fields included.

Subscriptions now available

  • Receive monthly fee data for all 50 states automatically to up to five email addresses for only $15,000/year
  • Get individual states for $500/year
  • Choose your details:
    • AMC fees
    • Lender fees
    • 1004 w/o FHA orders
    • 1004 w/ FHA orders
    • Property values under 500k
    • Property values between 500k and 1 million
    • Property values over 1 million

Call 1-800-434-7260 to subscribe now.