Getting more orders: Tips for appraisers on Mercury Network

More than 800 lenders and AMCs use Mercury Network to help manage their appraisal pipelines, and they are in total control of their order assignments.  But we have some tips on making sure you get as many orders as possible.

  • Double-check your profile.  Verify that all the valuation products you offer are active on your profile.  We constantly add new products that lenders and AMCs request, so it's a good idea to set a reminder to check your profile at least every 60 days to make sure there aren’t new products listed that you can add to your suite of services.   
  • While you’re there, make sure your designations are current.  If a lender or AMC is looking for someone with specific designations, you won’t show in the candidate list if your profile doesn’t match their criteria. Just login here, click on Users and verify each tab of your profile.  Click here for more info.
  • Act on new orders quickly.  Many lenders and AMCs have a time limit set on the order assignment so they can get it placed.  When you receive a new order alert e-mail, be sure to either accept, decline, or negotiate the order as soon as you can so you don’t miss opportunities.   
  • If you have a mobile device, install Mercury Mobile now. It’s a free app for iOS or Android, and it will send new order alerts to your phone so you can respond immediately.    It has additional tools that help you keep clients happy, like the ability to update status or send messages from the field.  

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