AQM:  Integrated QC, with total control and flexibility

We're thrilled you're interested in AQM.  Your dedicated application engineer will set your account up immediately.

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  • No contracts or implementation fees
  • Full support from expert consultants, at no charge
  • Continuous product enhancements based on your feedback from our on-shore, in-house development team
  • Seamless integrations to additional tools so you have total flexibility

Benefits of AQM:

  • Ensures comprehensive, consistent quality control for appraisals across all business channels
  • Empowers you with hundreds of automated QC rules, plus you can access third party QC tools and even add your own rules
  • Creates an automatic audit trail to prove your compliance with regulations and investor guidelines
  • Generates an AQI score and report, so you can effectively triage reports to the appropriate underwriters and highlight the critical issues for their consideration
  • Provides an easy workflow dashboard that guides your staff through the compliant QC process, including an integrated platform to collaborate directly with the appraiser
  • Accelerates revision cycles with easier, faster vendor communications
  • Clarifies your risk profile, with easy-to-read reports that truly guide underwriting
  • Eliminates redundant work, unneeded extra products, and additional expenses
  • Reduces expenses, without locking you into any contracts or commitments

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