Deliver completed reports via Mercury Network

In order to deliver a report when it's complete, you'll simply need to mark the order with a status of Complete.

To mark the status of an order Complete and deliver the report...

1.  Log into the Vendors portal with your username and password.

2.  Click the Orders button at the top of the window.

3.  Double-click the order you'd like to complete.

4.  On the toolbar near the top, click Set Order Status and choose Complete.

5.  In the dialog that appears, you'll see an Upload button. In order to mark the order complete, you'll need to upload the report.  Click the Upload button.

6.  Using the window that appears, browse to the report file on your PC. This can be any type of file, but common file types like a PDF or a MS Word .doc are best. When you've found the file in the window, double-click it or select it and click the Open button. The upload process will begin immediately, and you'll see a progress indicator. If you need to upload another file for the order, you can click Upload again and select any additional file.

7.  Add notes for the completion status in the Notes field.  Click OK.

8.  Now, the order will have a status of Pending Quality Review until your client reviews and accepts the report. It's possible that your client will need revisions, so if they request any, you'll be notified just as you would a brand new order.