Welcome!  Setting up your Enterprise account

Getting started is easy and we're here to help. If you have any questions, click "Chat now" inside Mercury Network for fast answers.

Guide to FAST liftoff: 

Create your account online at  https://secure.mercuryvmp.com .

Create your account online at https://secure.mercuryvmp.com.

  • Start your account online. Visit https://secure.mercuryvmp.com, click the "Sign up" button and answer a few easy questions.

  • Receive an email that your account is active.
    When you receive the email, follow the instructions and log in to accept the End User License Agreement. (here's a copy).

  • Send us your list of AMCs, and we can set up your AMC Panel. With the list of AMCs you use already, we can create your fee panel in Mercury so you save valuable time. Download this master list of AMCs for a sample format.

  • Choose your products, if you wish. There are more than 85 valuation products available on the platform, but we can tailor this list for you. Download this master list of products and follow the instructions to simplify your product list.

  • Want total control over fees? Use our Advanced Fee Determination feature to standardize your pricing by product or location. Download this master list of fees and we'll get them implemented in your account.

  • Choose preferences for each of your clients, if you need them. A "Client" is a person who requests appraisals from you. Download this master list of clients and choose your preferences for each, and we'll get it all set up for you.

  • Have multiple users? Send your list and we'll get everyone on board. A "User" is someone who manages an order within Mercury, typically an appraisal desk or members of your staff. Download this master list of users and we'll get everyone ready to go.

  • Need credit card processing? Send us this data and we'll take care of the rest. Let your merchant services provider know we require TSYS format/processor and download the data format form here.