Frequently asked questions

Why aren't my new orders showing up? 
Make sure you've acknowledged the order. All new orders must be acknowledged through your client's portal before they'll show up in Mercury Desktop or the Business Management area of your XSite. The same goes for WinTOTAL. Make sure you've acknowledged the order, then run net.X connect to download new and changed orders, or export orders from Mercury Desktop.

How do I acknowledge a new order? 
Simply log in to your client's portal and acknowledge the order as you normally would. For example, with Mercury Network, log in to, double-click on the order that is awaiting acceptance, and choose Accept/Decline Assignment.

How do I send my client a status notice?
Log in to, double click the assignment, and click Set Status.

If you've linked Mercury Desktop and Mercury Network accounts, click on the assignment in Mercury Desktop and Update Client. Then, click Set Status when you're in the portal.  You can do the same thing inside the Business Management section of the XSite as well.  (Learn about linking accounts here.)

How do I view order attachments? 
To view order attachments, simply log in to your client's portal and view the documents there.

For example, in Mercury Network, you would view the details for your order and access the attachments in the order documents pane on the right. Click here for instructions.

I can't log in to Mercury Mobile. What's wrong? 
To continue using the app, you must get the update from the App Store or Google play. But don’t worry, just update the app like you do any other mobile apps you have on your device and you’ll be on your way. Click here to learn more. If you are using an iPhone and have the current update and are still experiencing issues, try removing any special characters (# $ % & / \ >) from your password.

My client sent a revision request, but I'm unable to view it in Mercury Desktop. Where is my assignment? 
If your client sent you a revision request, Mercury Desktop won't automatically update the order for you. For your order to appear in the Revision Requested folder in Mercury Desktop, log into your XSite, locate the order, and set an internal status to Modification Requested.


Is there a fee for Mercury Network?
There is a transaction fee for any order placed on Mercury Network.  This fee will be paid by the vendor (appraiser, agent, etc.) unless arrangements have been made before the order is placed for the client to pay the fee.  In that case, there are several tools clients can use to pay the transaction fee on a per-order, per-vendor, or global basis.
How is Mercury Network different than an appraiser directory?
Mercury Network is a cloud-based software platform that allows lenders, AMC's, and brokers to order appraisals in a compliant manner. Clients can order appraisals, build custom panels using their own approved appraisers, monitor status, and even require completeness and UAD rule sets to run before the finished appraisal is delivered. Best of all, appraisers set their own fees rather than having their fees set for them.
How can I help get my lenders signed up on Mercury Network?
First, tell them about it. You can send them to to sign up for a free account or have them contact our Mercury Network team at 1-800-434-7260.
How long has Mercury been around?
Mercury Network has powered tens of millions of transactions since 2002. Since then, it's been revamped to provide lenders and appraisers with a compliant solution without severing relationships. .
How do I file a complaint against a client on Mercury Network?
If there is a software issue and you think it warrants immediate attention, call our Mercury Client Relations department at 1-888-794-0455. Mercury Network does not provide management oversight or control any clients' process. We also do not handle payment issues, and those will have to be taken up with the specific lender.
Is Mercury Network an AMC?
No. Mercury Network is software. It doesn't produce any appraisals, hire any appraisers, receive or deliver appraisal orders, or provide management oversight or control any of the process. In a nutshell, it's the "plumbing" that powers the real estate transaction, and is used by many of the largest AMCs and lenders in the world.

Your Mercury Network Profile

I don't want to put my appraisal license number in my profile. Is it needed?
Yes, this is needed to assure the client that they are ordering an appraisal from a licensed appraiser.
I'm not getting any orders. Why?
First, make sure your Mercury Network profile is completely filled out by logging into it here. Make sure you've added the counties you cover and that you've added fees for all the products you offer. Make sure your license and E&O show as valid. You will not receive orders unless this information is complete. If your information is up to date and you're still not receiving orders, then it could be anything from clients using other appraisers with different qualifications to not having the work to assign out. More tips for orders.
How do I know if I'm on any lender's fee panels?
Each time a lender adds an appraiser to their panel, the appraiser receives an e-mail notification.
I'm getting e-mails saying that I need to update my profile, but it seems complete. What's the problem?
The e-mail you received should have contained specific information concerning the issue with your profile. You can log into your profile here and review your information.
Why should I fill out every field in my profile?
Perhaps the most important reason is that when lenders search for an appraiser with which to place an order, they search on the items in your Mercury Network profile. So having an incomplete profile means you're more likely not to show up in a lender's search, and therefore more likely to not get the order.

Another important reason for filling out your complete profile: Some lenders will want to get in touch with you to present new appraisal orders and find out if you will accept them. Also, if the lender requests a status update or provides information critical to you, having valid phone, fax and mobile numbers in addition to e-mail allows Mercury Network's clients to contact you.

Appraiser Independence Regulations (AIR)

Why are AMCs using Mercury Network?
Appraisal Management Companies need a technology platform to manage appraisal orders while staying compliant with GLB, HVCC, and other regulations.  This is exactly what Mercury Network was built to do.
How can I keep working with my clients if they can no longer choose their appraisers?
Get your clients to start using Mercury Network. Mercury's platform has the tools to meet every lender's compliance standards.
How are appraisers chosen by clients in Mercury Network?
Mercury Network has settings that let lenders configure how appraisers will be selected, and the selection is completely up to the lender. Lenders search for appraisers based on the information in their profiles, so make sure to log in to your profile and verify that it's complete. Click here to log in to your profile.

Payment Questions

Is there a fee for Mercury Network?
There is a transaction fee for any order placed on Mercury Network.  This fee will be paid by the vendor (appraiser, agent, etc.) unless arrangements have been made before the order is placed for the client to pay the fee.  In that case, there are several tools clients can use to pay the transaction fee on a per-order, per-vendor, or global basis.
How much of my fee will Mercury Network take?
The maximum you will pay for a Mercury Network order is $13.75. In our conversations with appraisers at conventions and seminars around the country, that small fee gets universal applause. And, since you're in control of your fee, we encourage you to bump up your Mercury Network fee schedule by $15 or so to cover the cost completely. It's also a good idea to add a refund policy to your Mercury Network product fee notes to cover the transaction fee in case an order is cancelled.
Do I have control over what the lender/mortgage broker/AMC pays?
Appraisers set their own fees on Mercury Network. In cases where the client chooses a lower fee, you have the option to decline the order or propose a different fee that would be acceptable to you.
What if I ever have an issue collecting payment from a lender or AMC?
Your client is responsible for paying the fee for the assignment. However, it’s very important to us that the companies using Mercury Network pay appraisers in a timely manner, and we never ignore a complaint.

The first recommendation we make is to update the order with a message informing the client that you haven’t been paid for the assignment. If you have a copy of your invoice, attach it to the order as a document. It’s also a good idea to contact the client via a phone call to make sure they’re aware of the issue. If those fail, let our Client Relations team know by calling 1-888-794-0455. We can try to help.
What if the order is canceled after I've accepted it?
Transaction fees will be refunded within 72 hours if an order is canceled.
What if the product is a supplement product like an update or a completion? What is the transaction fee for these orders that aren't full fee assignments?
We've changed our fee panel to charge only $5.00 for the services below:

  • Comparable Rent Schedule
  • Operating Income Statement
  • Appraisal Update / Recertification (FNMA 1004D)
  • Disaster Area Property Inspection Report
  • Appraisal Update / Inspection of Repairs (FNMA 1004D)
  • Desktop Review
  • FHA Inspection
  • Desktop Summary Appraisal
  • FHA Conversion Appraisal Update

Is WinTOTAL required to send or receive orders through Mercury Network?
Mercury Network supports all appraisal software platforms – not just WinTOTAL. Regardless of the software you use, you can accept orders, send status and deliver completed reports.
Will ACI software work with Mercury Network?
Yes. See the previous question.

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