With rising mortgage interest rates leading to a record-setting year in HELOCs, you don’t have time to be inefficient with your valuations.

We’re here to help. FNC builds systems that give mortgage lenders and servicers like you access to the most current residential real estate information, enabling you to instantly and efficiently tap into expansive property details and data-driven valuations at every stage of the loan cycle. Our suite of tools saves you time, effort and money:

  • Collateral Management System - reduce the need for manual intervention, allowing for optimal transaction processing time.  

  • GAAR 360° - instantly resolve appraisal issues from your desktop.

  • Vendor Headquarters – streamline vendor panel onboarding.

  • Appraisal Xcelerator – simplify the appraisal inspection scheduling process through automation.

FNC has done on the collateral side of lending what FICO did on the credit side. With FNC solutions, residential real estate professionals can now have the same confidence in their collateral valuations as they do with a borrower’s credit scores.

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