Integrations success

We have one priority:  Make our customers happy.   They want their software systems integrated for efficiency and data integrity. To that end, we don't charge the upfront fees you've seen from other companies.  Our projects are well-managed for fast turn times and truly satisfied partners and clients.

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Our integration partners say...

"Our implementation was easy and fast.  We believe in full implementation, which with some vendors is taxing them to their software limits.  With Mercury Network, it was no issue at all. We have a full implementation with events back to our server.  Even during our production maintenance hours, Mercury Network can queue up the transactions and flow them back through at the time our servers come back online.  I could not ask for a better partner in doing an implementation.” 
-- Brian Camper, Software Engineer Manager, Sierra Pacific Mortgage 


“Working with the integrations team has been a great experience.  We work together to come up with custom solutions for our needs, and they’re always fast to respond and knowledgeable.”
-- Robert Gerardi, Plaza Home Mortgage


"FNC has successfully worked with a la mode since 1999.  FNC and a la mode have deployed a number of interfaces between FNC's CMS® and AppraisalPort® platforms and a la mode technology on behalf of our mutual clients.  The a la mode staff is consistently professional and responsive.  a la mode is an important technology partner and FNC appreciates their staff's commitment to high performance and consistent quality."
--D. Martin, FNC Inc.