Mercury Mobile released to eliminate common appraisal delays

February 19, 2014

Naples, FL - Mercury Network announced today that Mercury Mobile™, a new iOS app enabling appraisers to respond to new Mercury Network orders instantly, is now available at no charge for iPhone® and iPad® in the Apple® App Store℠.   An Android™ version of the app will also be available soon.

Lenders and AMCs placing orders on the Mercury Network will see instantaneous turn time improvements, since it handles any type of Mercury order with no changes in workflow at the client or vendor ends.

Mercury Mobile focuses on a single yet significant problem: Eliminating delays in the appraisal ordering process caused by appraisers being busy in the field doing inspections on other properties.  With the free app, appraisers can immediately accept, negotiate, or decline a Mercury Network client order.  The app results in faster operations for any Mercury Network lender or AMC, and appraisers eliminate lost opportunities to accept orders due to being out on field inspections.

By being a proactive notification-centric "real app" as opposed to a reactive mobile website, Mercury Mobile gives appraisers the chance to accept and inspect a new property while still in the field on other assignments, sometimes carving hours or days off the final response time.  Appraisers using Mercury Mobile avoid losing orders which otherwise might be reassigned.

Since Mercury Network powers over 20,000 appraisal orders a day and is used by over 600 of the nation’s lenders and AMCs to manage scalable, efficient, and compliant valuation processes, the new free app will have a significant and immediate effect on the industry’s efficiency.

Combined with a la mode’s industry-dominating mobile appraisal inspection and sketching product, TOTAL for Mobile, the appraiser can handle the entire order-to-inspection cycle onsite on an iPad, further cutting turn times.

"Mercury Mobile showcases something easily overlooked in this space," noted Dave Biggers, a la mode’s founder and Chairman, "which is that just offering a cool tool of some sort, whether simple or complex, isn’t sufficient.  It has to be done by a company with the ability to penetrate the market in sizable numbers, with a training, support, and distribution network reaching directly to the devices and desktops of enough appraisers that an impact is felt industry-wide almost overnight.  With more appraisers nationwide using our software than all other brands combined, and with virtually all of the mobile appraisal market share, this new Mercury Mobile product meets all of those criteria.  It matters."

For more information on Mercury Mobile, click here.  

Press contact:
Molly Dowdy