Mercury Network Now Integrated with PathSoftware

March 29, 2016

Oklahoma City and Dallas — Mercury Network announced it has completed its integration with PathSoftware, the new highly-structured, cloud-based LOS from Calyx Technology.  

This integration will give lenders greater control over the appraisal ordering process, including securely uploading documents, sending messages to the appraiser, and cancelling or requesting revisions. It will also eliminate the frustration of not knowing the status of an order because milestones are sent back to the lender automatically.  

“New regulations and investor requirements surrounding appraisals make it more important than ever to document and eliminate errors in the appraisal process from the originator’s desk,” said Jennifer Miller, president of Mercury Network. “This integration allows originators to focus on production while still having the information they need on current status, without interrupting back office operations with status questions. We’re excited to welcome PathSoftware to our roster of integrations designed to ensure efficiency, compliance and the highest quality appraisal operations.”

“PathSoftware was designed to streamline the origination process by taking time, cost, risk and complexity out of every step,” said Doug Mitchell, director of sales and support at PathSoftware. “The ordering, delivery and review of appraisals are significant choke points in this process that are addressed by our integration with Mercury Network.”

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