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Mercury Network's SaaS platform allows lenders and AMCs to manage their valuation operations in compliance with banking regulations, while reducing expenses and improving overall quality.

New:  Commercial appraisal tools

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Mercury Network doesn’t produce any appraisals, hire appraisers, fund loans, or manage valuations.  Yet it’s essential to all of those industries, because it’s the mission-critical technology that enables the experts in those professions to do their jobs.  Mercury Network offers powerful valuation management software for any appraiser, BPO provider, AMC, credit union, community bank, or retail, wholesale, or correspondent lender.


Mercury is centered on a flexible “middleware” technology layer of SaaS (Software As A Service) and PaaS (Platform As A Service) solutions connecting appraisers’ desktop software to their clients, with rich data analysis tools and full support for all of the GSEs’ UAD and UCDP XML requirements.  Mercury is advanced desktop and cloud-based valuation supply chain technology that connects the various parties involved – the appraisers, agents, loan officers, underwriters, reviewers, managers, and so on – routing data between them and analyzing it as needed.

Any lender or AMC can connect Mercury Network to their workflow at the front end (public or vendor facing), the back end (invisible), or any combination of the two.  That’s because the software is designed as a set of interactive pieces that can be mixed and deployed to suit the needs of the client.

The biggest benefit of Mercury’s design is that all of the actual decisions and business logic remain under the control of the lender or AMC, while still gaining the process efficiency and decision-support clarity of advanced technology that would be impossible to develop in-house.

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