Manage all your AMC vendors from one platform

Use the same platform chosen by more than 800 lenders to instantly connect to more than 165 appraisal management companies for efficient, compliant appraisal order management.  

Meet compliance requirements

When using multiple AMCs, you need a consolidated software platform to comply with AIR, and with the third party oversight requirements of OCC, CFPB, FNMA and others. 

White paper:  Third party oversight requirements (PDF)
Compliant AMC Management (PDF)

Get total control of order assignment

Define your own rules for order assignment by any combination of requirements, including percentage distribution, product, location or branch-specific distribution, and services provided by your AMC. Deploy weighted or regional rules to suit your compliance safeguards and QC standards.

Control fees, and avoid all the payment hassles

Control fees based on products ordered, zip codes, counties, loan amount, loan type, and much more.   The payment can even be passed directly from the processor to the AMC, so you don’t hassle with disbursing payments.


Get an easy ordering portal for production staff

Enable production staff across all channels to order appraisals in just two clicks, or we can integrate with your existing lending platform at no cost.   Customize the order form so products are listed in familiar terms to your staff, add custom labeled fields, mark fields as required, enforce loan requirements, and more. Give staff access with layered permissions and notification options,  all the way to the status level.

All documents and statuses can be configured to your preferences so they flow to the AMC, staff, brokers, LOs, and any third parties you need in the loop.   We can also integrate your lending platform so updates to the appraisal automatically flow into the loan file.

With EVF, you’re in full control of your workflow.  Review reports before final delivery if you choose, customize status notifications, manage sending the report to borrowers, and more.

More than 165 integrated AMCs, and we'll add any AMC you want

Currently, more than 165 of the nation's leading AMCs are already integrated to accept your orders with EVF.  In addition, we can add any AMC you want to use, regardless of the software they use, at no additional cost.  Click here for a list of AMCs integrated with Mercury Network.

Fast, simple deployment without fees or hassles

  • EVF is designed for fast, easy implementation and our integrations team is here to support your every step.
  • EVF is a transaction fee-based platform, and fees can be absorbed by the lender or passed to the AMC.  It's up to you.
  • EVF supports any integration, including LOS or third party ordering sites, to tie your backend systems.  Our integrations team is ready to assist, and they have a great track record

In today's climate of rapid change, it's good to know you've got a tech provider you can count on.  Give us a call at 1-800-434-7260 today.