OptiVal sets the standard for AVM cascading

We believe the best lending decisions can only be made with the best data, and the OptiVal AVM Cascade supplies you with more accurate valuations by putting standalone AVM data to the test. With more reliability and better performance than a single AVM can offer, OptiVal makes valuation easy while mitigating risk.  


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Tested for accuracy

The OptiVal AVM Cascade is the result of rigorous and extensive testing of the industry's leading AVMs, updated every 90 days, to provide you with with accurate values and an impressively high hit rate. Using our proprietary, completely independent analysis and ranking methodology, you can be certain the AVM delivered by the OptiVal AVM Cascade is the optimal choice for your valuation needs.

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Compliant and customizable

With the flexibility to consider your custom risk profile and business objectives, OptiVal offers the most complete end-to-end AVM solution, ensuring compliance that meets all Interagency Guidelines on appraisal and evaluation with lightning-fast speed and affordability. 

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Benefits of the OptiVal AVM Cascade

  • Rigorously tested against proprietary, fresh data benchmarks no more than seven days old
  • The cascade is updated every 90 days 
  • 92% coverage nationwide 
  • We stand by the results. We'll support your team in internal and external reviews
  • Faster and less expensive than an appraisal
  • Cascade can be customized for your specific risk profile 

Get the PDF for details about the methodology used to test the AVMs and other insights about the cascade.

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