RealView Bridge: Reduce appraisal revisions

Start your QC process before the appraisal is even delivered.

RealView Bridge works in conjunction with RealView to start your appraisal QC process before the report is even delivered. When the appraiser delivers the report, RealView Bridge runs a customizable set of rules on the appraisal and lists any issues. This way, the appraiser can make changes or add comments before your QC team ever sees the report. By addressing key issues up front, you’ll avoid the time-consuming back and forth of revision requests, making your QC process faster and more efficient.


If you’re not already using RealView, read more here to see how it can save you hours in review and accelerate your revision cycles. When paired with RealView Bridge, the potential increase in efficiency is limitless because you control the rules used during the analysis. You can tune RealView Bridge to catch your most common issues before delivery, then RealView helps your QC team be more vigilant for subtler problems requiring a human touch.


Powered by RealView’s revolutionary rules engine


Configurable for your workflow

Enable it globally to use it on all orders

Enable per Client Group for intelligent automation

Enable or disable it per order at your discretion

Set your own rules

You can use the same rules you already do in RealView

Select which rules are hard stops - the appraiser must address them before delivery

Rules can be simple warnings - no action required by the appraiser

See appraiser comments in RealView

Appraiser’s comments appear in  the Appraisal Review Checklist, based on the ruleset used

No new process to learn


How does it work?

In RealView, you’ll use the Checklist Admin to set up rules for RealView Bridge. These rules are based on the other rulesets you already use in RealView, so setting them up is simple. Each rule can be set as a hard stop which requires a revision or comment from the appraiser before delivery, or as a soft stop which just lets the appraiser know the reviewer will be taking a close look at this rule upon delivery.

appraisal review checklist.png

When the appraiser delivers the report, they’ll see a checklist of items where your rules were triggered. For each hard stop (shown in red) they can either make revisions to the report or click Override to leave a comment. Items marked as soft stops are warnings (shown in blue) which the appraiser can fix, leave a comment,
or disregard.


When you run RealView, you’ll see the appraiser’s comments in the Appraisal Review Checklist just like the items you usually see when conducting your QC review.  You can take action and comment on these items just as you would any others, so there’s nothing new
to learn.


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