Now available in AQM! Order Platinum Data's RealView

Get Platinum Data's RealView report on any appraisal you have in Mercury Network, with tons of options that make your QC workflow more intelligent than ever before.  To get started, just contact Mercury Network at 1-800-434-7260.

Download a sample RealView report

Want to run a RealView report for every order?  Only certain orders?  Only orders for specific clients?  Inside Mercury Network, you have the options to completely automate your workflow for consistent, transparent QC. 

Your RealView summary and full report will be attached directly to your Mercury Network order, and every QC step, from ordering RealView to receiving results, is automatically documented in your order history to prove due diligence.

To order Platinum Data's RealView report through AQM, you just have to enter your Platinum Data credentials by going to Preferences > AQM Settings and then clicking on the hyperlinked "RealView" text.

This new integration has several major benefits for you.

Automatically order RealView on any appraisal.   You can order on a per-report basis, or automate your workflow by setting your preferences to order RealView on every order. To automate it, click on Preferences, Then Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) Settings.  

Here, you can set default global options for AQM here, including which modules are ordered and when, which entries require explanations, customize your messages for different reports, and even upload a custom logo for AQI reports.


Automatically order RealView, but only for specific clients.  Go to your Client Group and click the link in the Appraisal Quality Management section to access that client’s AQM options.  You can then select RealView to configure it as a default module.  If you want to order RealView reports automatically when you receive the appraisal for orders placed by that client, check the box to automatically submit to AQM back on the Automated tab.

Order RealView on a per-report basis.  When you click the Start AQM button, you'll see RealView as an option.  When the RealView report is ready, an event will appear in your audit trail and an email notification will be sent to the appropriate users.  The audit trail event contains a "View Results" link which opens the report.

Easy results processing.  The RealView interface will open in a new browser window so you can process the report.  Processing is similar to AQM where the user reviews the rule results and responds accordingly.  There are two reports that can be downloaded, a summary and a detail report.  Once complete, the RealView report will be attached to the Mercury Network order automatically.  

You can also request revisions from the vendor from the RealView interface, and this request will be issued via the Mercury Network platform.  The order will be moved to Revision Requested and processed as a normal Mercury Network revision request, including full recording in Order History.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-434-7260.  For help with your setup, call Client Relations at 1-888-794-0455.