Payment Information  

If you need to set up a new credit card to pay Mercury Network transaction fees, or you'd like to see what card is currently on file, Mercury Network's Account page makes it easy. Here's what to do:

1. Click here to sign into your Mercury Network account.  If you aren't taken directly to the Account page in Mercury Network click Account in the top toolbar. If you don't see Account on the toolbar, contact your admin to get permission.

2. In the Payment information section, you'll see the current card information listed as Stored. To replace this card with a new one, click New Card.

3. In the window that appears, fill out all of the fields in the Billing Information and Payment Details sections.

4. When you've entered all the information, click Finish at the bottom-right of the window.  Then, click OK when the Payment Information Updated confirmation message
pops up.

That's it!  At this point, you'll see the new card information listed as Stored.