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Appraisal Xcelerator:

Simple inspection scheduling for a modern digital mortgage experience

Xcelerator introduces the efficiencies of digital and mobile technology into inspection scheduling, taking time and hassle out of the process. Engage borrowers, real estate agents or any property contact early in the lending process through simple anytime, anywhere appraisal scheduling.

Watch the video to see how it works!


REMIND. Property contacts and appraisers receive automated reminders to solidify appointments.

MODERNIZE. Appraisal Xcelerator is digital-mortgage ready, making it a mobile solution accessible anytime, anywhere without requiring the download of applications.

TRANSPARENCY. Loan officers may review the status of the appraisal from any network or mobile device, making the appraisal process easily tracked and transparent.

SCHEDULE. Appraisers and property contacts both benefit from a streamlined, simple appraisal scheduling experience.

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How Xcelerator works

Enable Xcelerator for new orders

Turn on Xcelerator in Connection Settings to use it for every order. You can also disable it for individual orders at your discretion.


Place an order with a property contact

When you add a property contact (labeled as Appt contact) to a new Mercury order, Xcelerator uses that information to start scheduling the inspection. It’s best to enter both an email address and a phone number.

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Property contact proposes a time

The property contact receives a link via email and/or SMS which provides time blocks within the next 4 business days. They’ll choose up to 3 time blocks to fit their schedule, plus they have the option to request direct contact from the appraiser.


Appraiser confirms the time

The appraiser will see the proposed time blocks and can choose the one which best fits their schedule. Optionally, they can coordinate directly with the property contact.


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You stay informed

Along the way, every step in the scheduling process will be shown in the order history.


Start using Xcelerator now for better scheduling transparency, automatic reminders, and a modern, efficient digital mortgage experience.