Xcelerator Appraiser FAQ

Who decides when the inspection will be scheduled?

Scheduling the inspection is still between you and the property contact. They’ll choose between a few proposed time blocks, then you can choose one of those or propose a different one by communicating with the property contact as you normally would.

Does this mean the lender or AMC will schedule the inspection for me?

No. You and the property contact schedule the inspection, so the lender or AMC has nothing to do with it. They will simply know when the inspection is scheduled to be completed.

What if the proposed dates don’t work for me?

You’ll be able to propose your own dates if none of the existing time blocks are workable.

How is the inspection scheduled?

The property contact receives a notification containing a link which takes them to the scheduling page. They’ll choose from a few proposed time blocks (as mentioned above) or indicate they’d rather be contacted by you (the appraiser). Then, you’ll receive a notification so you can log into Mercury to confirm a time block or contact them as requested.

Will my clients be able to see my schedule?

Your client will be able to see when the inspection is scheduled, but they won’t have access to your calendar.

What if I need to speak to the property contact before the inspection?

You’ll be able to see the property contact’s information in the order form just like you do now, so you can contact them prior to the inspection as you normally would.

What if I can’t make the inspection appointment?

You can propose a new date via Mercury Network, plus, as always, the property contact’s information will be available in the order so you’ll be able to coordinate directly with them via email, SMS, or phone.