Mercury Network and Encompass:
Top 10 Benefits

  • Specifics on how the integration saves time and makes production staff much happier
  • Insider info on how to be accurate automatically and reduce admin burdens
  • All the details on how the integration works

More than 6,000 Encompass users from 220 institutions already use the integration, and they recently selected Mercury Network as a finalist for the Lender’s Choice Award for Best Service Provider in the Ellie Mae® Hall of Fame (news). Thank you, Encompass lenders! 

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Key benefits for Encompass users:

  • No retyping - All data comes directly from the Encompass loan file
  • No delays - Accuracy is ensured with automatic data transfers
  • Full loan file - All documents flow directly into Encompass
  • Live status on all orders - No more time-consuming status phone calls or chasing vendors for updates
  • No payment hassles - Pass credit cards to your internal appraisal desk or your AMC
  • Easy communication - Send messages, update status and more directly inside Encompass
  • Very easy - Watch the video here to see how easy the process is for originators using Encompass