Mercury Network’s integration capabilities are second to none.  Our in-house expert staff (no outsourcing) built and supports more than 115 active integrations with the nation’s leading companies.  Unlike other providers, we don’t charge upfront fees and our integration projects are well-managed for much faster turn times.


we build what you want

“Working with the integrations team has been a great experience. We work together to come up with custom solutions for our needs, and they’re always fast to respond and knowledgeable.”
— Robert Gerardi, Plaza Home Mortgage

No integration fees, minimums or contracts. Integrations are built based on customer requests.

  • Published API for fast, easy development
  • API is documented along with XML examples for every inbound and outbound event
  • Interfaces are provided as Basic Web Services
  • Industry standard data formats - Appraisals are delivered in MISMO 2.6 valuation response format
  • All document transfers support base64 encoding
  • Integrations work “outside” the system so we can customize them to specific workflow requirements.

LOS Integrations
Originators can place and manage orders directly from the most popular LOS providers, with more added all the time. 
If yours isn’t listed, you can request it at


AMC Integrations
More than 300 AMCs accept orders on Mercury Network so lenders can place and manage orders with their AMC partners. Out of those 300+ AMCs, 116 have integrated their internal systems with Mercury Network.  While a lender placing orders to AMCs won’t notice any difference when using an integrated AMC, the AMC has a lot of benefits because the order will flow directly from Mercury Network into their software, saving them time and making their workflow more efficient. AMCs interested in learning more about all the benefits of integrating with Mercury can contact our integration department at

For the full list of AMCs, visit and for a list of integrated AMCs, visit

Mercury Network’s direct integration to UCDP is second to none, with automatic or manual submission options.  Vendor revisions are handled inside the system, so processing is simple and fast.  

FHA Portal
Our FHA Portal integration is as seamless as our UCDP integration, with the same easy submission and results processing.  For more information on the FHA Portal, visit

“Our implementation was easy and fast. We believe in full integration, which with some vendors is taxing them to their software limits. With Mercury Network, it was no issue at all. We have a full implementation with events back to our server. Even during our production maintenance hours, Mercury Network can queue up the transactions and flow them back through at the time our servers come back online. I could not ask for a better partner in doing an implementation.”
— Brian Camper, Software Engineer Manager, Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Downloadable APIs:

User's guides for integrated products:

User's guides for LOS integrations:

Mercury Network is centered on a flexible “middleware” technology layer of SaaS (Software As A Service) and PaaS (Platform As A Service) solutions connecting appraisers’ desktop software to their clients.  Mercury is an advanced desktop and cloud-based valuation supply chain technology that connects the various parties involved – the appraisers, agents, loan officers, underwriters, reviewers, managers, and so on – routing data between them and analyzing it as needed.

Any lender or AMC can connect Mercury Network to their workflow at the front end (public or vendor facing), the back end (invisible), or any combination of the two. The software is designed as a set of interactive pieces that can be mixed and deployed to suit the needs of the client.

For more information on integration options to suit your operations, call 1-800-434-7260.