RealView Bridge Appraiser FAQ


What is RealView Bridge?


RealView Bridge is a web service that analyzes an appraisal during delivery and gives you (the appraiser) a checklist of any issues which were flagged based on your client’s rules. Then, you can make changes to the report or provide explanations for any items on the checklist.

Why is my client using RealView Bridge?

The primary goal of RealView Bridge is to reduce the number of revision requests. As you know, revision requests are time consuming and a nuisance for everyone. By addressing client-specific criteria or common problems during delivery, you and your client avoid the hassle of revisiting an appraisal days or even weeks later.

How does RealView Bridge know there’s a problem with the appraisal?

Your client can configure rules for each field on the report, and they specify whether a rule is a hard stop or a warning. During delivery, the report data is analyzed based on those rules, and you’re notified about any issues. This allows you to make sure the report meets your client’s requirements before you deliver it.

What’s a hard stop?

A hard stop is an issue that must be addressed prior to delivery. For instance, if your client has decided that a missing signature is a hard stop, you’ll need to fix the report or explain why it’s missing before you can deliver the appraisal. An error which isn’t a hard stop is simply a warning, so you can choose to fix it, explain it, or disregard it entirely and continue with delivery.

I addressed the RealView Bridge checklist but I still got a revision request. Why?

RealView Bridge is intended as a preliminary check for issues your client has deemed important. It is not a replacement for a thorough QC process, so there might be issues found by a human reviewer or more exacting analysis later on. You may still receive revision requests, but hopefully fewer from clients who enable RealView Bridge.

Can I disable RealView Bridge?

If your client has enabled RealView Bridge, there’s no way to avoid the analysis when you deliver the report.

What if I don’t want to accept orders with RealView Bridge enabled?

Your client can enable or disable RealView Bridge, so in this case, it’s a good idea to speak with them about options.

Is this a software replacement for a human appraisal reviewer?

RealView Bridge is not intended as a replacement for a human appraisal reviewer. Instead, it works in concert with the tools already used by your client’s QC staff to alert you to items in the report which might cause a revision request.

Are the rules generic?

There are “preset” rules which are based on USPAP, UAD, and other standards. Using these, your client can customize their own rulesets based on their needs.