A Single Location to Integrate All Vendors – Simpe, Smart, Seamless

Our web and mobile solutions are designed to communicate and connect to all necessary vendors – everything can be managed, processed, and accessed from one platform. Managing vendors has never been so simple, we offer seamless integration for any required vendor – title, AMCs, BPOs, inspections, environmental, title, and more.

The ability to connect with vendors with one software allows for complete visibility into the entire loan cycle, enabling a clear perspective from start to closing.

Custom designed process, drag and drop functionality, and third-party integrations offer access to the latest technology, while still executing the exact workflow needed.

Automatically routed completion notifications eliminate unnecessary time searching for valuable data – saving companies time, resources, and money.

Appraisal Scope’s self-service vendor portal reduces the time spent handling vendor inquiries and makes it easier for vendors to do business with your organization.


Property inspections are necessary to complete the appraisal process. Therefore, being able to manage this task under the same software solution is a valuable feature. Users enjoy an automated scheduling system to connect and complete the inspection, between inspectors and property owners.


During the appraisal process and property inspection there are potentially many environmental hazards that might arise. This includes, but is not limited to, the existence of subterranean gas, leaking tanks, lead paint, asbestos, mold, and countless other environmental issues. Seamless integrations with these vendors is designed to offer a full insight into an order.

Title companies are essential in facilitating a transaction. The ability to integrate and communicate with these companies ensures files are updated.



Our suite of Automated Valuation Models gives you access to the broadest nationwide coverage, hit rate and accuracy available. We’ll provide secure, cost-effective, on-target property valuations within seconds. Each AVM is delivered with all of the supporting data you need, including maps, tax and assessed values, proximity of sales comps and prior sales history.



Our user-friendly technology supplies you with instant access to our comprehensive flood data resources, giving you the ability to search and track the flood zone status of tens of millions of properties right from your desktop. We provide accurate reports for both single and multiple orders within minutes, and offer both basic and life-of-loan certification. Our functionality also allows you to view your order history and completed order notifications, and to email your customer a display map with flood, parcel, aerial and street layers indicated.



We coordinate with vendors that provide the mortgage industry with title insurance and closing services. Businesses get nationwide coverage with real-time information and instant notification as documents are instantly uploaded and statuses changed.



Appraisal Scope is part of a nationwide document signing services that specializes in notarizing loan documents. We focus on efficiency and customer service and, in most cases, can schedule a notary anywhere in the United States in about 30 minutes. You can count on us to be your quality control experts, as well. Following our scrupulous procedures, we’ll make sure your documents are thoroughly reviewed at multiple points in the process before we deliver them to you.