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Appraisal Scope:
Your platform, white-labeled your way

Appraisal Scope can be completely customized to give your clients and vendors the experience that you want them to have. Stock templates get you started, but everything is customizable — email notification templates, documents, instructions, you even get a custom URL with your logos. The customization options are almost endless and penetrate down to everything a client or vendor sees.

As part of CoreLogic Valuation Solutions, Appraisal Scope offers AMCs access to a vast array of services to expand your product line and business.


Seamless Vendor Management


Access all appraisers in the Appraisal Scope Vendor Directory and the ASC National Appraiser Registry. Categorize vendors using custom vendor status to help streamline your order-assignment process. You can designate Preferred and Do Not Use Lists. Appraisal Scope’s self-service vendor portal reduces the time spent handling vendor inquiries and makes it easier for vendors to do business with your organization.


Powerful Order Management

An intuitive dashboard with live, auto-refreshed order status keeps you up to date without having to open every order. Get the most relevant information with dashboard customizations that provide user-specific filters and columns.

  • Manage residential or commercial products

  • Intuitive dashboard with live, auto-refreshed order status

  • See status and update orders without opening them

  • Create rules that assign orders to individual staff or teams

  • Dashboard customizations provide user specific filters and columns

  • Client-specific workflow customizations down to the branch or user level


Built-In Reports

Flex data in countless ways to achieve the information you need. Reports are built by using drag-and-drop functionality, and can be delivered on customized schedules to as many email addresses as you like.

  • Drag/Drop report builder with custom formatting

  • Unlimited reports with custom conditions

  • Schedule automatic generation and delivery


40+ Integrations

  • Popular LOS integrations like Encompass and LendingQB

  • Numerous quality-control product and service integrations

  • Integrated with all major platforms including Mercury Network, FNC, Global DMS and ValuTrac


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