SureReceipts:  Compliant document delivery 

With SureReceipts, you can securely send any document to any recipient, backed by a full audit trail for compliance verification.

Mercury Network customers have free access with unlimited sends, and it's already fully integrated.  If you don't use Mercury Network, you can still use SureReceipts to send appraisal docs for only 50¢ per send.  Plus, your first 10 sends are free, so you have nothing to lose in trying it.

Call us at 1-800-434-7260 to get started, or set up your account now.

Benefits include: 

  • Reduced risk of costly compliance penalties
  • Significant cost savings over traditional shipping, couriers and mail
  • Faster document deliveries with easy tools anyone can use
  • Flexibility to send any document to any recipient, or multiple recipients
  • More professional impression for your recipient, white-labeled with your brand and ready for beautiful display on any device
  • No cost for Mercury Network customers and already fully integrated 

Click here to set up your account and get started now.   Your first 10 secure deliveries are free.

Note:  SureReceipts can be used as a stand-alone web-based tool on an "as needed" basis, or you can get the API to integrate eDisclosure compliance into your existing workflow.   Contact our integrations team at 1-800-434-7260.


Tour:  How SureReceipts works

Automatic eDisclosure compliance

With SureReceipts, the borrower's rights and options are clearly explained as required by law, so you can rest assured you've delivered a compliant, secure eDisclosure.

An audit trail for compliance verification

As disclosure requirements continue to get more complex, you can rely on SureReceipts to automate the process of gathering the borrower acknowledgments required pre-delivery, and then delivering the document securely.

Download a free white paper with valuable resources

Download the free report, "The new ECOA Valuations Rule".  You'll get a full explanation of the new requirements, along with step-by-step safeguards and lists of additional resources. 

You'll receive: 

  • A full overview of the rules, and common compliance pitfalls you can easily avoid
  • Technology-based compliance automation tips, and a full walkthrough of the process