Automated Appraisal Review:
Lower buyback risk. Shorter review time.

Mercury Network provides the cornerstone software solution to manage your automated appraisal review process. From regulatory compliance and custom rule sets, to verified appraiser credentials, our system provides the most comprehensive and efficient review software available. Mercury Network’s appraisal review solution, RealView, is aimed at speeding up the review process while providing precision analysis of appraisal data and compliance. 

Our innovative solution is scalable and offers fast analysis, up-to-date compliance assessment, and insights based on the industry’s largest collection of public records, local listings and pending sales data. Mercury Network clients enjoy saving countless review hours and dramatically accelerating their revision cycles with our appraisal review solutions. 


Up to 97% checklist automation

Appraisal information compared to custom review rule sets that are highly configurable.


Only 2% of appraiser-facing rules on average result in a revision request

Rules can be set to keep appraisers from delivering a report until key issues are addressed, allowing a high quality appraisal without wasting time on revision requests.

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1,300+ specific data points analyzed from MLS and public data pools

Public record, local listing and pending sale data gathered and provided for additional insight on trends and comparables.

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