Collateral quality control

Appraisal and valuation quality control is more important than ever, and Mercury Network supports the best QC products and services available.  


Product suite:

Mercury Network acquired Platinum Data in August of 2016. For more details on the acquisition, click here.


RealView® is a revolutionary business rules engine that rapidly analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and the client’s customized appraisal review rule set. This innovative, configurable and highly sophisticated platform significantly enhances appraisal quality control.  


Optival® is the industry’s premier AVM cascading solution. As an independent, compliant and suitability-tested AVM cascade, Optival provides enhanced visibility and transparency for AMCs, investors, mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, servicers, credit unions and more.



Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) tools help you ensure comprehensive, consistent quality control across all business channels. The integrations with popular quality control tools and services give you a built-in a hub for your QC operations.


Integrated tools

AQM has several integration partners, with more on the way. Soon, you will be able to access many more quality control services from inside your vendor management platform. Check back for more news soon.

Collateral quality control benefits

  • RealView quickly, consistently and thoroughly reviews appraisals, saving as much as 60% off your review time

  • Higher quality appraisals with faster reviews, including a full audit trail, to lower your risk of collateral-based buybacks

  • Comps and nearby sales are scored and ranked based on subject property similarities

  • Uses Public Record and MLS data to put the Subject Property in context of the surrounding community

  • Interactive, dynamic, and highly configurable checklist specifically designed for
    company’s appraisal review process comprehensive, consistent quality control for appraisals across all business channels

  • Accelerates revision cycles with easier, faster vendor communications

  • Eliminates redundant work, unnecessary extra products, and additional expenses

  • Reduces expenses, without locking you into any contracts or commitments

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