CertMail discontinued in VMP XSites

On February 5th, 2015, CertMail, the e-mail service inside the VMP XSites, will be discontinued.  But don't worry, if you use CertMail as your business e-mail solution, we'll help you migrate to a new service.  Click here for step-by-step directions.

Why are we discontinuing CertMail? Back in 2008 when we first released VMP XSites, many businesses didn’t have the IT services and infrastructures they have now.  Our VMP XSites customers were early technology adopters, and they needed the integrated e-mail service to receive the automated order status notifications that dramatically streamlined their operations. 

Now, most financial services companies have alternate business e-mail solutions in place so CertMail wasn’t used nearly as much as our other services.  Since usage was so low and there are great solutions on the market, we made the strategic decision to focus on our core strength; best-in-class software that solves appraisal management and compliance challenges.  E-mail is its own animal, and there are several companies doing amazing things with their e-mail services, so we decided to discontinue CertMail.  

For a step-by-step guide for migrating to a new solution, click here.  You can also call your Client Relations team anytime at 1-888-794-0455.