New Action required options and improved document upload coming soon

Now, there's a new option for showing orders with AQI scores greater than a score you select in your Action Required folder.  Plus, you can soon set your Action Required folder to include orders with events within 30 days (not just 7 days). We're also updating the Attach documents screen to make uploading documents more efficient for both you and your appraisers. The highlights are below, and you can read the release notes here.


New Action required items

There are two new options you can use to filter Action required items. The first allows you to filter reports with AQI scores greater than a certain number. This builds on our existing option for scores less than a certain number. Of course you get to set the number yourself. In addition, we've extended the range for events in the Action required folder from 7 to 30 days. This gives you more flexibility for determining which orders will be brought to your immediate attention.


Improved Attach documents dialog

We've made the Attach documents screen consistent whether you're attaching documents while ordering a new appraisal or uploading them to an existing order. Now the process requires fewer clicks, and the progress indicator and upload confirmation look the same across the board. This is just one way we're keeping our eyes on the details to make your experience smoother and faster.


Better upload options for your appraisers

We're also making completing assignments easier for your appraisers.  When an appraiser is completing an order for you, they are now prompted for the specific formats you require for the report.  Now, if your order requires an XML and ENV file,  the appraiser has a simple way to upload the report the way you want.  

If you're interested in using new features before anyone else, our beta program would be a good fit because we're always looking for folks who can test the newest features and help us improve them before they're released. Apply to join the beta program here.