Latest release: Updates to company name used for borrower deliveries, and more

In this release, we updated the logic which controls the company name borrowers see on their appraisal deliveries, and VMP XSite users can control this on a client-group basis. There are also performance improvements and resolutions to a few issues you brought to our attention. See the release notes for details, and read on for the main points.

Updates to company name used for appraisal deliveries

lender name2.png

When the borrower receives their appraisal via SureReceipts, the lender’s name is shown in the email they receive and on the web page as they retrieve their copy of the report. To ensure their experience is consistent, we’ve taken steps to help you be sure the lender’s name seen by the borrower is correct.

For those of you who don’t use VMP XSites, the lender’s name is now based on the Company Name in the assigned user’s profile. If the assigned user’s profile doesn’t contain a Company Name, the admin user’s Company Name will be used. Since a lender’s users typically use the lender’s company name, this should work well. But, take this opportunity to look at your users and make sure the Company Name information is correct.

client group name.png

For VMP XSite users (who often work with multiple lenders and company names), there is now more control over this information. For each Client Group, you can enter the Company name in the Details tab. Then, in the Automated tab, check the new box to Use this group's company name for SureReceipts delivery. This way, the borrower will recognize the company name information on their secure delivery for greater peace of mind and better brand recognition.

One last bit of info: In cases where the client group’s company name is not being used, the assigned user’s Company Name will be used for deliveries. But, if the user’s Company Name hasn’t been entered, we’ll fall back to the admin’s Company Name.

Improved performance for the VMP Client portal Orders page

When your clients or originators are working on their Orders page, they’ll now enjoy faster load times, especially when working with large numbers of orders. This is thanks to some SQL-optimization wizardry implemented as a part of our ongoing efforts to keep the platform efficient and reliable.