Now you can attach an RFP to commercial bids, submit 1004Ds to UCDP & more

In this update, we expanded your options when automatically attaching templates to commercial orders. Read about this and more highlights below, and you can see the release notes here.

New Request for Proposal template options


You now have the option to create a Request for Proposal template which can be automatically attached to commercial bid requests. It builds on a similar feature released in the last update which applied to statement of engagement letters, and it works the same way. You'll now see the Commercial request for proposal option when creating document templates and when selecting documents to be automatically attached to commercial appraisal orders.

Improved Mark as paid upload features

When marking orders as paid by uploading a CSV file, you can now include more detailed information. Here are all the columns you can now include in your CSV file (with new fields noted):

  • Loan number
  • Tracking number
  • Internal order number
  • Amount Due
  • Issued date (new)
  • Payment method (new)
  • Check number / reference number (new)
  • Invoice number (new)
  • Note (new)

UCDP now supports 1004D, and so do we

Fannie and Freddie now support the submission of form 1004D to the UCDP, so we've enabled that ability within Mercury Network. Since delivery of this form is still optional, they won’t be automatically submitted to the portal if you’ve enabled automatic submissions. In addition, these forms can only be submitted as the second or third appraisal for a loan file. Other than that, it works exactly like any other submission, so you don't need to learn anything new, just know that Mercury supports the GSEs' latest requirements.

Since these features are based on your requests, we'd like to hear what you think. So, let us know at along with any thoughts you have about ways we can make Mercury better!