Just added for VMP XSite customers: More compliance control and flexibility

We’ve just added several highly-requested features to Mercury Network that give you even more compliance control and make your work easier and faster.  The full release notes are here, and the highlights include:

Important details at your fingertips
Now, you can quickly update due dates and disclosure dates from your order details screen.

When applicable, you can also see the CU Risk Score (from Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter) from the order details screen.

New “Intent to Proceed Received Date” field added
Trying to prepare for TRID?  In your VMP XSite’s order form, we’ve added an Intent to Proceed Received Date field that can be configured as a required field.  This will help you confirm receipt of the NIPLA document from the borrower and the date will be visible in the order details screen as shown below.

New document types added
In anticipation of TRID, we’ve added Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, and NIPLA.  Also, we added Appraisal Review.  

For your clients, we’ve also added additional document types they can choose when uploading, including Closing Disclosure, Loan Estimate, and NIPLA.

State sales tax added
Our accounting firm advised us to collect and pass through state sales tax on specific transactions when the paying party is located in MS, CT, PA, UT, WA, or SC.  If you cover transaction fees and your business address is in one of those states, you will see the state sales tax applied when you place the order.  Click here for our FAQ on state sales tax.

Have ideas?  
Most of our new features are a direct result of feedback from customers like you.  We appreciate your business, and please keep your feedback coming to info@MercuryVMP.com.