You now have more control over automatic FHA submissions

The latest update adds a new option for increased control over automated submissions to FHA’s EAD portal, plus we’re starting the pilot program for the upcoming automated appraiser payments tools. Learn more about this update in the release notes, and read on for highlights.

Use Form type as criteria for automatic EAD submission

EAD auto submission.png

For years, you’ve been able to set up automated submissions to FHA’s EAD portal based on the type of form in the order. Now, as requested, you can determine which loan types which will trigger automated submissions. This setting is available on a global level as well as for specific Client Groups. With this setting, an order will need to match both the Form type and Loan type to be automatically submitted.


Payments pilot to begin


We’ve put the finishing touches on the upcoming automatic appraiser payments tools, and internal testing is nearly complete. So, at the end of this month, our volunteer pilot users will begin using this compelling new feature in their workflow. The pilot program gives us the opportunity to smooth any unforeseen workflow wrinkles and ensure the system performs as expected. As always, we’ll keep you posted about the broader release date, plus we’ll begin offering training so your team can prepare to use these exciting new tools when they become available.