New automatic settings, plus additional order fields and columns available now

The final update of 2018 brings several changes you’ve requested, as well as resolutions to issues we identified. Check the release notes for complete details, and read on for the highlights.

New automation for RealView Reports

Some of you told us that part of your QC workflow depends on automatic delivery of the quality-check report for the order. To accommodate this, you can now configure your Appraisal Quality Management (AQM) settings so that the RealView Report will automatically be downloaded into order documents, then synced to the VMP order. For additional flexibility, if you’re using VMP XSites, you can also enable this option for each of your client groups.


Setting this up is easy: Go to your AQM preferences and check the box to Automatically download the RealView® Report PDF when results are returned. For VMP XSite users wanting to enable this for client groups, you’ll find this option in Manage client groups… on the AQM tab.


New columns in the Orders view and information in Order Details


We’re always trying to make important order information easier to see at a glance. To that end, you can now add columns to your Orders view to show RealView scores for Quality, Complexity, and Value. This way, you can sort by (and easily view) these details for your orders.

In addition, when a RealView Report has been completed for an order, you’ll see the scores from that report in the Assignment information section of the Order Details. We hope that adding visibility to these important order details will make your QC workflow more efficient.


Vendors can now use expanded search criteria

You told us that, when reconciling accounts, you often need to find a specific order based on the payment information. So, now vendors can search for orders using the check number, reference number, or invoice number. Hopefully this makes tedious accounting tasks a little easier!


New customization for the Make a Payment page

You now have more options for customizing your borrowers’ Make a Payment page. The area at the bottom of the page can be populated with your own custom text which can now be formatted with HTML. Plus, you can use dynamic text tags to add order details such as the company name, subject address, and more.