New appraisal product, improved logo settings, workflow enhancements and more in the latest update

In our latest release, we addressed your feedback by adding a new product for reviews of multi-family homes, plus new fee-routing options for Xcelerator. For VMP XSite users, the borrower’s Make a payment page received several improvements, and it’s now easier to add your logo to pages seen by your borrowers and clients. See the release notes for details, and read on for the highlights.

New product for exterior reviews of multi-family homes


Some of you told us about a quirk in your workflow when ordering a drive-by review of a multi-family home. You were using the 2055 exterior form, but that form contains some verbiage which indicates the subject is a single-family home, plus the comps grid provides nowhere to indicate unit make up. To address this, we’ve added form 205GMF which you can use for Multi-Family Exterior-Only reports. We think this is a good solution for this issue, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


New fee-routing options for Xcelerator

If you’re using Xcelerator to simplify and expedite inspection scheduling, we’ve added a new option you requested: To better fit a variety of accounting workflows, the fee for Xcelerator-enabled orders can now be passed on to your vendor along with other Client Technology Fees. This option can be enabled by your account manager, so contact them directly to get started.


The Make a payment page keeps getting better

When a borrower has already paid for their appraisal, but then the appraisal fee increases, the Make a payment page they use to submit their payment accommodates this scenario better. Rather than charging the full amount for the appraisal again, it will calculate the remaining balance and only charge that amount to their card. This prevents overpayments and the need to credit funds back to the borrower’s payment method.


Easily add your logo to your client and borrower-facing pages


It’s now easy to add your company’s logo to pages such as your borrower’s Make a payment page (and the email notifying them the payment is due), as well as your VMP Client Portal and SureReceipts pages. Simply upload the logo in your Account view to promote your brand and improve consistency for your users.


Ongoing security enhancements

Just about every recent update has included security improvements, and this is no exception. This time, we made some very technical changes concerning object-relational mapping (ORM). But, the changes you’re most likely to notice is the fact that we’ll begin enforcing strong passwords for all accounts. If you haven’t updated your password since October 2018, your password will expire on February 5 so you can create a new, strong password. You’ll see notices when you log into Mercury, but if you want to get ahead of the deadline, click here and we’ll walk you through changing your password right now. It only takes a few seconds.