Most recent update: Enhanced security, new notification options, and more

This update brings new security enhancements, more control over notifications for VMP XSite clients, and resolution to an issue with order status which you helped us identify. Read on for the highlights, and find complete details in the release notes.

Security updates

During the process of creating a new Mercury Network account, we use a tool called “reCaptcha” to help ensure a real human being is requesting the new account, instead of a bot. In this update, we made changes to eliminate potential vulnerabilities in this process, which strengthens security for the platform by eliminating abusive traffic from unauthorized sources.

VMP XSite clients can control New Order notifications

Before this update, notifications which were sent to VMP XSite clients regarding new orders were based only on the settings in the overall client group settings. Now, each individual client can also control their New Order notifications, letting them tailor their communication preferences to suit their workflow.

Order status errors resolved

You told us about a couple of instances where orders weren’t behaving as expected. The first caused some orders to be “stuck” in the Action Required folder, and we found this was caused by a mismatched status in the system. The second issue prevented appraisers from being able to accept or reject a new order, then returned a status of Requires Reassignment. We learned this was due to an incorrect timestamp on the order. Both of these have been resolved in this release, and we thank you for letting us know about them!