In our latest release: Security enhancements and improved notifications

While this update doesn’t contain as many changes as many others do, these improvements are no less substantive. From enhanced security to improved notification behavior, read on for the highlights and check the release notes for complete details.

Security enhancements

After March 12, 2019, vendors will be required to use a strong password to access the platform. We’re adopting this requirement as an industry best practice to avoid compromised logins and, therefore, possible unauthorized access. If you’ve changed your password or created your account since October of 2018, you won’t be affected by this change because your password is already strong. However, vendors who haven’t updated their passwords since October of 2018 will be prompted to do so after March 12. We recommend you go ahead and change your password now, so click here and we’ll walk you through it in less than a minute.

TOTAL plugin users

If you use the TOTAL plugin to deliver your reports, after you change your Mercury Network password, you'll need to update your password (which is stored in TOTAL) the next time you deliver a report.

Integrated AMC users

If you're an AMC using an integration with Mercury Network, after you change your password in Mercury Network, you'll need to update your credentials within your software.

Just a reminder: Strong passwords contain at least eight characters which include a combination of at least three of the following: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers and special characters.


Improved notification behavior for VMP XSites

You helped us identify some instances where VMP XSite users’ notifications were not being delivered as intended. In one case, UCDP and Document Uploaded notifications were being delivered, even when the settings didn’t call for it. In another, notifications about a completed revision were not being delivered to an order’s additional recipients. Both of these scenarios have been corrected, and we appreciate your feedback in helping us identify these issues!