Latest Mercury Network update is focused on security

With this release, we’ve enhanced security by enforcing strong passwords for VMP client users. It’s a simple change, but advances security throughout the platform. There are other improvements as well, and you can see full details in the release notes.

Strong password requirements for VMP client users

Security threats are a fact of life for anyone who uses internet-enabled services, and the vanguard for our personal protection online is our password. Recent data shows, when not required to use a strong password, a lot of people still use simple, easily guessed passwords such as “123456.” Hackers can use these passwords to gain unauthorized access to online services and exploit that access to the detriment of authorized users.

LOTR image 3.png

With all this in mind, our latest release extends strong password requirements to include VMP client accounts that are created after May 7, 2019, and existing VMP clients who update their passwords after that date. For right now, existing VMP clients won’t be required to change their passwords, but you can expect that to change later this year, so stay tuned. Learn more about strong passwords here.

We appreciate you adopting these new standards as we constantly work to ensure Mercury Network remains the secure, efficient platform you rely on to manage your valuation workflow.