New notifications for document "accepted" "missing" or "needs review"

Today your clients have a new tool for reviewing your credential documents so they'll avoid compliance issues down the line. So you might see a new email notification letting you know a client reviewed your profile documents and whether they were accepted or need your review. If you haven’t linked your license or insurance document to your credentials, you may also receive a "missing" notification. Read on to learn more about what you'll see.


New notification emails

As your clients use the new tools to review your documents, they'll be able to accept each one or mark it for review. If it’s missing, they can let you know they want to see it. Either way, you'll receive an email notification. If a document is accepted, there's nothing you need to do. If a document needs review, the email notification will contain comments from your client about what they need from you. If a document is missing, you just need to attach it to your profile. To keep your profile current and new orders flowing, you'll want to log into Mercury and go the the Professional tab in Users to review the documents.


Review and update your profile documents

In the Professional tab, if one of your documents needs review, you'll see the alert icon to the left.  For license and insurance documents, you can click the Edit or Choose existing link, then use the dialog to change the information or upload an updated document according to your client's comments in the notification email. For attachments like background checks and work samples just click Update to replace the document.

As of September 19, 2016, if you add a license or insurance policy to your profile, your clients will see an indicator to review new documents. You'll avoid receiving a missing document notification if you upload supporting documents to any new credentials you add to your profile.

We developed these improvements to help everyone stay compliant and keep orders flowing. We'd like to know how we're doing, so send your feedback to