In this update: Improvements for Xcelerator and vendor profiles

In this update, we fixed an issue and improved Mercury Network based on your suggestions. You can read the details in the release notes, and there are a couple of highlights below.

Better clarity for Xcelerator notifications

When Xcelerator notifies the property contact about the appraisal inspection to be scheduled, it previously made reference to the person who ordered the appraisal. Based on what you told us, that caused some confusion if the borrower wasn't working with that specific person at the company. So, going forward, if the originator's company name is available, it will be used instead of the person's name.

Better handling of vendor names in their profile

In cases where a vendor has entered quotation marks in their name, these were being displayed with backslashes when you were viewing their profile. Going forward, any quotation marks in the vendor's name will now correctly show when you're looking at their profile in Mercury Network.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of these changes, as well as any ideas you have for improving your workflow in Mercury Network. Let us know at