New compliance update for AMCs: Automatically itemize vendor fees on invoices

We've just released an update for AMCs using our public-facing appraisal ordering websites, VMP XSites.  Now, you can automatically include the vendor's fee on your invoice.  You control when it appears, either on every order, or by client group.  

For an example, click here to see a sample invoice with the vendor's fee listed separately. 

To always show the vendor's fee as a separate line item on your invoice, you'll customize your settings by going to Preferences, then VMP XSite.  In the Automatic Invoice Settings area, select "Include the vendor's fee on the invoice" like this:

If you want to show the vendor's fee on your invoices to specific client groups, click on Client Groups, Manage Client Groups, and choose the Client Group you want to edit.  On the Automated tab, you'll select "Include the vendor's fee on the invoice", and all invoices to that client group will display the vendor fee from now on.

This is just one of the features released today.  Click here to see the full release notes.  As always, if you have any questions or need any help, contact our Client Relations team at 1-888-794-0455.  

Most of our updates are a direct result of feedback from customers like you, and we appreciate it.  Send us your requests at