FAQ: Internet browser updates

Mercury's software tools are built to run on the modern versions of the most popular web browsers. As Microsoft, Google and other companies continuously update their browsers, they discontinue support for their older versions.

While Mercury's tools will probably continue to work just fine on those older browsers, we opt to show you a warning inside Mercury to urge you to update your browser to the latest version.  With older browsers, all websites (not just Mercury) may give you some problems or you may not be able to use the latest tools you need.

Want to get a list of the ideal browsers to use with Mercury?  Click here for the latest recommendations.  


Why are you discontinuing support for my favorite browser? 
Since it's an older version of the browser that the manufacturer no longer supports, we can't guarantee performance on it either.  As we continue to innovate new tools, we build and test them on all the most popular browsers, but we can't ensure they work with older technology. It's not just Mercury, either.  You will run into issues on all kinds of websites if you're using an outdated browser.  

How will I know that my browser is outdated?
If the browser you're using is no longer supported, you will see a red banner at the top of Mercury like the one shown below.  Click on it and you'll see a list of recommended browsers.

Can I keep using my older browser?
Yes, if you insist.  Mercury will probably continue to work the same way it has, but as we add new features in the future, you may see some hiccups. If you're in love with your older browser, one possible solution would be to install a current browser just for the work you need to do in Mercury, and then also keep the older version on your computer to use when you prefer.

What browsers do you recommend?
Here's the full list.