Vendors: Order expiration times are now shown in the subject property's time zone!

With this update, your order notifications will show when the order expires in the time zone where the subject property is located, instead of defaulting to Central time or expiring first thing the next morning.. There are a few other associated changes, so read on to see what's new.

Times are local for the subject property


The notifications you received in the past used Central time for the expiration dates. This was a pain if you're in another time zone, so we hope seeing the expiration times in the local time zone makes Mercury orders easier to work with.

Expiration grace periods


Now, your clients can set the grace period during which order opportunities won't expire. By default, the grace period is between 11PM - 9AM, and includes weekends and federal holidays. But, your client may configure their own grace period with any start and end time, although they will continue to include weekends and federal holidays.

Your clients will also be able to control the expiration date/time on a per-order basis. When they do, they'll choose a specific time on a specific day, in which case the grace period won't apply. If they choose a holiday or weekend, or a time in the middle of the night, that's when the order will expire.

Your notifications are correct


The great news is that your notification emails and text messages—along with the audit trail events—will be accurate. You'll no longer need to figure out the expiration time in your time zone, nor wonder if that order with a 3AM expiration time will actually expire at 3AM—it will. We've removed any ambiguity so you can be sure that the opportunity expires at the stated time in the subject property's time zone (which is also listed in the message.)