Available now: New Mercury features for VMP XSite users

There are new Mercury tools and improvements available for VMP XSite users! First, when you mark an order complete, you can send different comments to clients and vendors. There's a new time delay option when automatically delivering the report to the borrower, and you are able to use AQM to check your report against public records. Finally, when your staff places orders directly in Mercury, you can customize the product list to only show those products they order directly. The highlights are below, and the release notes are here.

Separate comments to clients and vendors

You told us that you needed a better way to send comments to your clients and vendors individually, and we heard you. Now, when you're marking an order complete you have the option of entering two different sets of comments. It's part of the workflow you already use, so there's nothing new to learn.

Time delay for automatic delivery of the appraisal to your borrower

If you use SureReceipts to automatically deliver the report to the borrower, you now have a new option. You can set a custom time delay before the report is delivered, giving you the opportunity to review the report before it goes out. You can also set the delivery to automatically be cancelled if a revision is requested, and of course you can manually cancel it at any time. Plus, each client group can have its own time delay so you can make it work exactly as it should for your organization. This is just one more way Mercury helps automate compliance while accommodating your workflow.

Public records in AQM

You know that checking public records against an appraisal is a great way to ensure accuracy, but it can be a real hassle. Now, AQM is able to run rules to compare your report with public records so you get results fast with an easy-to-read list of any problems. And since it's in the AQM system you already use, there's no learning curve. If you're not using your integrated AQM system yet, click the "Take a tour" button to schedule a demonstration with your account rep.

Customize your Mercury order form

Since there are over 87 products available to order in Mercury, you may have found that when placing an order directly in Mercury you have to scroll through a list of products that you don't use often - or ever. Now, you can select which products will appear in the Mercury order form so your ordering process is more streamlined and tailored for your staff. To set it up, you'll go to Product Requirements and place a check next to each item you want to see in the Form/type drop-down when placing a new order directly in Mercury. Don't worry though, this won't affect your clients' product list.

As you can see, we made these changes based on what you told us you wanted.  So keep your feedback coming here.

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