Improved 1004D auto-submission to EAD available now, plus new 'Rush' and 'Complex' fees and ineligible vendors coming soon

Today, auto-submission gets an update which now allows FHA 1004D appraisals to be submitted automatically to the next Appraisal Field in the EAD portal. Coming soon, you'll have the option to add incremental fees when an order is marked Rush or Complex, and vendors can be marked as Ineligible for new orders. The highlights of these features (and more) are below, and you can read the release notes here.


New FHA 1004D auto-submission

As of today, if you have auto-submission enabled, newly-completed 1004D appraisals will be automatically submitted to the 2nd or 3rd Appraisal Field in the EAD portal. Mercury will even grab the Doc File ID from the original appraisal if needed.


New fees for Rush and Complex orders

You'll soon see a new Add fees button at the top in your VMP XSite Preferences as well as any custom Fee Tables. That button opens the Additional fees window where you can enter a new fee for both Rush and Complex orders which will be added to the product fee. So, let's say that you set a fee of $35 for Rush orders and $20 for Complex orders. When a Rush order is placed for a product with a fee of $350, the total fee for the order will be $385. If that order had also been marked Complex, the total fee would be $405. This feature gives you a great option for automating your workflow while making fees more accurate based on the assignment information entered on the order.


Set ineligible vendors

We love getting your feedback because you have great ideas for new features, like this one: Soon, you'll be able to mark any vendor Ineligible to receive new orders. Currently, you can make vendors on your fee panel ineligible for certain order groups. This new feature lets you globally mark vendors ineligible who should never be considered for an order, whether or not they're already on your fee panel.


New Chat and Tutorials button

If you have questions or a problem comes up, our Client Relations team is always happy to hear from you via chat or phone call. But, for the DIY types we've added new tutorials for some of the questions we commonly hear. Just click Chat and Tutorials at the top-right to ask us a question or see a tutorial.


Other notable improvements

There are many other enhancements with this update including: Order Management will no longer cause excessive delays when searching, you'll be able to tell if a vendor uses Mercury Mobile, plus AQM will add Manual Rules to existing AQIs and will also recheck rules and include incurable comments when adding the QC module to an existing AQI.


Become a beta

You've probably seen us asking you to sign up for the beta program, but haven't done it because you don't know what's involved. Well, here's the deal: As a member of our beta program, you'll see new updates about two weeks before "regular" users. During this "beta period" you have a direct line to our developers to share your ideas and suggestions so we can make improvements before everyone else starts using the new features. So, if you're interested in helping to shape the tools you use in Mercury, or you just like being among the first to see new stuff, apply here to join the beta program.