Just added: New options for automatically sending reports

We've just released new options that will make your job easier.  Now, you can dictate which valuation products are sent to borrowers automatically, and which reports for specific loan types can be submitted to UCDP automatically.  Plus, if you use Client Groups, you can set these preferences for each group.  Click here for the full release notes, and here are the highlights:

Automatically deliver specific products  

You’ve been able to automatically deliver the final report via SureReceipts, but now the automation is even more customizable.  With this update, you can choose which products are automatically delivered, and if you're using Client Groups, you can customize these preferences for each of your Client Groups.

Automatically submit reports for specific loan types to UCDP

Expanding the automated UCDP submission features Mercury already offers, you can now decide which individual loan types are automatically submitted to the portal.  Plus, each Client Group can be configured with its own set of loan types for automatic submission.

You can set these preferences in "Connection Settings".  Look for the new links in the UCDP and SureReceipts sections to customize your automation.

Want to be the first to see new features in action?  

We're always looking for people to join our beta testing team.  If you'd like to see new features in action before they're released, let us know by applying here.

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