In this update: New sync option for VMP users, more progress on upcoming features

In this release, we made a lot of progress on some exciting features which are coming soon, plus we added a new option for VMP users to sync fees and due dates to their client when awarding a bid. There's even more to this update, so check the release notes for details, and read on for some highlights.

New VMP XSite sync option


To streamline the bid process by reducing steps, we've made it much easier to sync due dates and fees to your clients when awarding a bid. In the Award dialog, you'll now see a couple of check boxes which let you sync the due date and/or fee at the same time you award the bid. If you don’t sync the fee or due date when awarding the bid, you can sync them later by going to the XSite order. It's not a huge change and is so intuitive you might not notice it, but (we hope you'll agree) it makes lot of difference in time saved.


To the future!

Sometimes we neglect to highlight the work we're doing on upcoming features because the progress is all "behind the scenes." But, in the case of these features, it's worth a mention because of the impact they'll have.

payments icon.png

First off, we're happy to tell you that we're on target to begin the pilot program of the upcoming "Payments" feature, which will let us handle the minutia of accepting borrower payments and remitting the appraisal fee to the appraiser directly. We've talked to many of you who are really excited about this development, and we can hardly wait to introduce it to everyone later this year.


Also coming soon are two new products from HouseCanary in the Alternative Valuations menu. As the home equity market heats up, we've heard from you that the addition of innovative valuation products from companies like HouseCanary are in demand, so we're happy to make them easier to access within the platform.

We look forward to hearing what you think of these developments. With that in mind, you can let us know at our new email address — We'll also use that address when we send you emails going forward, so please add it to your contacts so we don't land in your spam folder — and thank you!