Available now: Two new features based on your input

In our latest update, there are two new features created to increase your efficiency and give you greater control over automated portions of your workflow. Read on for the highlights and check the release notes for more details.

New columns available in Order Management


When using the My Columns tool to customize the information you see in Order Management, you'll now see two new options: Last updated by and Last commented. The former will show you the team member or vendor who last made changes to the order, while the latter will display the person who most recently sent a message, left a note, or sent an Action required comment. As with any column, you'll be able to sort your orders on either column, as well as customize the order in which the columns are displayed. Based on your input, we hope this gives you greater flexibility to stay up to date about order status at a glance.


Greater control over automatic UCDP submissions


Automated UCDP submissions save you time and increase your consistency when working with loans destined for the secondary market. This update gives you more granular control over automatic submissions because you can now select which forms will trigger a submission. Previously, the only criteria was a Loan type, so the addition of being able to filter using a Form type should help you exert finer control over this automated portion of your appraisal process.

We don't invent these types of new features in a vacuum, but instead rely on your feedback to constantly improve Mercury Network. So, keep the ideas coming to info@mercuryvmp.com and let us know what you think of these latest additions.