New in Mercury: Eliminate tedious QC work and unnecessary expense

We've just released several new features that will help you save valuable time (and money) during your appraisal QC.  Here are the full release notes, and here are the top three highlights:

1. Automatically check revised reports

If you’re using AQM, the integrated appraisal QC system, you can request revisions from your appraiser.  When the revised report is delivered, Mercury will automatically verify the revisions to let you know if they passed or failed your QC rules. This means you don’t spend time manually checking to make sure the revisions you've requested were made.

2. Regenerate a new AQI for revised reports

If you’ve already created your AQI for a report, but you notice a problem or the client asks for a change, you’ll be able to simply open the QC module, make your changes, and generate a new AQI at no cost!  This way you save time and money when you need to update the AQI after it’s already been delivered.

3. "Action Required":  See problems at a glance

You can now set your Action Required folder preferences to automatically include any reports that have AQI or CU (Collateral Underwriter) scores below your ideal threshold.  They'll appear in your Action Required folder so you don't miss them.

Want to be the first to see and try new features?  We're always looking for folks who want to be a part of our beta testing team.  If you'd like to see the new features in action before they're released, let us know by applying here

These new features came directly from your feedback.  Please keep it coming to, or just click “Chat Now” in Mercury Network to tell us about it!